Justice For Mayberry

Please sign our petition!

Please sign our petition!



Please take a moment to fill out our Petition then share what we’re doing here with others! It is our goal to stir up enough concern in the community that the DA office will have no choice but to put the best investigators on the case. We are not here to condemn anyone or to play the blame game, we simply want the truth.

We urge you to contact the District Attorneys office and let them know that the facts aren’t adding up, and that we want the best investigators for the job!



Lead Assistant District Attorney

STACEY SLAUGHTER - 918-775-9131

Click Here to Email Stacey -Stacey.Slaughter@dac.state.ok.us


Justice for Mayberry!

This petition is designed to make the District Attorney aware that the community believes that the facts aren't adding up. Help us to demand a full investigation to the cause of Christian Mayberrys accident.


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From Kim:

We want you to see Christians true condition. You usually see him in bed, not so painful to see. This is what we see when they get him up for therapy. I rarely go to watch, it is way too painful!! There are so many unanswered questions, so many lies about that night!! We know there are those who know the truth, or even bits and pieces about what happened but they “don’t want to get involved”. We need answers, we need help. Christian our beautiful son, so kind, so loving, has been robbed of his teenage years!! Life as we knew it is completely upside down and will be that way for a very long time!!
James 4:17 says Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

Remember, the truth will set you free!!
You can always be anonymous.

Christian during Therapy